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Cooper’s Garage: Opening Doors to the Driving Community

Entrepreneurs Kara and Brady Cooper are helping ProFormance drivers keep their wheels nearby.

coopers garage founder Kara Cooper with her Mustang
Kara Cooper with the Mustang that started it all

For Kara Cooper, it all started with a Prius. Years of driving such sensible cars left her craving a Mustang. Finally one day she made the trade, and found the difference so exhilarating she signed up for ProFormance Racing School’s One-Day High Performance Driving Experience.

Her husband Brady signed up for the HPDE the next week, and soon added a Mini to the partnership so they could hit the track at the same time. Predictably, they became zealous performance driving fans. After being welcomed into the fold by Don Kitch, Jr., Donna Porada-Kitch, and the ProFormance community, they started looking for ways to spend more time at the track.

Meeting the need for car storage

Coopers Garage founder Brady Cooper with his mini cooper
Brady Cooper with his Mini

Don Kitch, Jr., ProFormance’s Chief Instructor, told the Coopers that he often gets questions like, “Can I keep my car here?” or “Where could I store my extra tires?”

The problem: a lot of clients at ProFormance use one car both for daily driving and the track. Moreover, some of them drive a good distance to Pacific Raceways, from as far away as Bellingham, and even Canada. That adds up to a lot of extra wear on a track car.

Kara and Brady decided they could serve drivers – and hang out at the track more – by starting a business that allows people to stash their cars and accessories at the track.

The solution: Cooper’s Garage is born

Cooper’s Garage gives customers a place to store your tires and brakes, and also lets them use their Quick Jacks to swap everything out on track day. “You can have a great day at ProFormance, finish up, and put everything back for your street drive home. That way you don’t have to wear down your racing tires, and can switch back to ceramic brake pads so you don’t have a lot of dust building up on your wheels and tires.”

spacious interior of Coopers Garage
Keeping your ride ready at Cooper’s Garage.
(Floor by Garage Experts)

Adding services that matter

Kara and Brady are offering more than just a storage space. These amenities are in place at Cooper’s Garage, or are on the way soon:

  • Work station: an area to prepare your car, apart from storage so it stays clean
  • Arrive and Drive (your own car): On track day your car is taken to the paddock, and after the session delivered back to the garage
  • Racer on Rails connection: If you’re having work done, Cooper’s will bring your car to Racer on Rails and back to the garage afterwards, so you don’t have to make a trip just to move your car.
  • Receiving: Buying a car? Have it shipped right to Cooper’s. They’ll sign for it and store it till you’re ready
  • Detailing: a partnership is in the works allowing you to have your car detailed for track day

Storage for the apartment dweller

Brady notes that they live in an apartment, like a lot of young car enthusiasts, so they don’t have space for a second set of wheels at home. “Even if you have a garage, it might not be large, or might be full of other things like projects.” Cooper’s Garage was conceived as a dedicated space for drivers that want to leave worry behind. “No wasting your track tires on the road, no denting your wheels on potholes…”

Doorstep convenience

Cooper’s Garage is located in the orange building, close to Pacific Raceways. It’s part of a growing number of businesses that are helping to expand the possibilities for ProFormance and Pacific Raceways drivers while making their lives easier.

If anyone is making the Coopers’ lives easier, it’s ProFormance. “It’s been great working with Don and Donna,” Brady says. “They’ve been a great partner, helping us get our name out there.” Kara adds, “I don’t think we’d be as confident starting a business venture in our late 20’s without them.”

As performance driving in the Northwest grows, there will always be a place for enthusiasts at ProFormance Racing School. And should they have one car, live far away, live in an apartment, or just want some extra convenience, there will be a place for their cars (and tires and brakes) a few seconds away at Cooper’s Garage.

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