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Below you’ll find the answers to the most common questions about ProFormance. Be sure to also check out what customers are saying about their experience with us!

What happens if it rains on my scheduled date?

Rain is a great learning environment and the school operates rain or shine. Clients are always amazed at how much they learn in the wet and how much fun they have.

Will I be safe at ProFormance? Will my car get damaged?

At ProFormance safety is our top priority. ProFormance instructors are committed to your fun, learning, and SAFE experience while with us. Failure is not an option. In our 25 year history conducting curriculum for thousands of drivers, we have never had two cars contact each other.

What are your age requirements?

Our young students must be 15.5 years of age with a valid state learner’s permit. Ideally, 3 – 6 months of driving experience will benefit their learning experience. ProFormance does not conduct a curriculum in basic motor vehicle operation – our focus is developing skill sets in Street Survival and Proactive Driving techniques.

What should I wear?

Comfortable casual clothing is best. Most of our drivers wear jeans, T-shirts, and tennis shoes. You should have shoes that are good for walking on uneven terrain to various observation points on the track.

Do I need a helmet?

ProFormance provides helmets free of charge for the first year of driving with us. They are the latest Snell-approved helmets, open-faced and wired for radio transmission between you and your instructor. When you decide this sport is something you want to do on a regular basis, we’ll steer you to knowledgeable companies who can assist you in obtaining safety equipment for you and your car.

How fast will I go?

We start with a variety of driving exercises geared to teach you the basics of car control. Only after you have established a solid foundation will you be driving at higher speeds. While we encourage participants to find their limits, every student is coached at their individual comfort level based on their personal goals for their driving.

What happens if I have to cancel my scheduled date?

We require an 8-day notice of cancellation to avoid losing your 50% deposit. Should you cancel 7 or fewer days, there is no refund, exchange, or credit. Sorry, no exceptions.

Are your programs ever conducted on weekends?

Typically our One-Day High Performance Driving Experiences are conducted on Wednesdays or Thursdays, but fortunately, we do schedule some weekends for your convenience. Sign up early, as weekend dates fill quickly. Check out the calendar in the months of October through April for weekend dates.

Do I need a roll bar in my convertible to participate?

Yes, soft-top cars do require some form of rollover protection. Since 2006, most open-top cars have been manufactured with DOT-approved roll-over devices. Check with your dealer, owner’s manual, or online to confirm if your car qualifies.

Can two participants share one car?

Yes, this is quite common. Both drivers will have an equal experience.

Once I register, how will I learn the details for participating in the day?

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email with all the details regarding your fun day with us. A final reminder will be sent a few days prior to your event.

Can I bring family and friends to watch me?

Yes, we welcome family and friends and will make them feel a part of the day.

What is the number of participants in a scheduled high-performance school?

We average 15 to 24 participants per school, with a ratio of 1 instructor to 2 participants.

How much track time will I have?

Most of the day will be practical experience behind the wheel. Classroom work is held to a minimum. Don’t worry – typically the mental and physical demands of the sessions exceed the desired driving time.

Are breakfast and lunch included?

Our Corporate and Group Events are catered. Typically, our regular classes are not. We have a refrigerator stocked with soft drinks, and fast food is available within 5 minutes of the track. Our lunch break is 60 minutes. During the lunch hour, our Intermediate/Advanced drivers will be on track giving you an opportunity to see what your future holds.

What hotel would you recommend for out-of-town clients?

Pacific Raceways has a corporate relationship with the newly constructed Auburn Holiday Inn Express located less than 10 minutes from the speedway. Stay Smart, rest, and recharge (literally they have charging stations) at the Holiday Inn Express. Or call the hotel locally and receive a 15% discount on your stay-mention ProFormance Racing School.

What happens after I finish the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience?

During your day with us, we will discuss your options for acquiring your ProFormance Sport Driving License, Driver’s Log Book, and joining our recreational High Performance “Sport Driving” group. More than 5,000 licensed drivers participate in ProFormance programs.

What is the phone number for the Pacific Raceways track office that handles motorcycles and drag racing events at Pacific Raceways?

The Pacific Raceways main office telephone number is (253) 639-5927. They can answer your questions regarding schedule and ticket prices to weekend events.

How do I contact the ProFormance photographer?

Our photographer extraordinaire, Karl Noakes, can be seen capturing on-track pictures most days ProFormance is active at the track. Check out the latest track art here.

Will my car’s automobile insurance policy cover me for the One-Day High Performance Driving School?

We get this question quite often. The best approach is to read your policy. You will probably find a section that deals with training and events conducted at a racing facility. Please note that ProFormance events are non-timed and considered advanced driver education. Check your specific policy for details.

How much wear will my vehicle experience?

While this can somewhat vary from vehicle to vehicle and driving style, most participants will not even be aware of the fact that their car was at a race track.

Are passengers allowed?

ProFormance does not allow passengers on track. This is a national safety standard driven by our insurance carrier and our professional approach.