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About Us

ProFormance Racing School is the premier performance driving school in the Pacific Northwest. A national leader in the industry, the school has been helping drivers at all levels achieve their goals since 1994.

At ProFormance the subject is cars, the staff are top-flight instructors, and the students are anyone from novice drivers, intermediate drivers or experienced racers to groups and corporations. Over the years, ProFormance has developed and refined its performance driving curriculum to a level that has not been exceeded anywhere else. Our instructors are simply the best of the best. They are known for their ability to help students begin new chapters in their driving lives.

The school offers a complete roster of programs, including the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience; SCCA Accredited Competition Curriculum; private coaching; and lapping programs. In addition, ProFormance is known for hosting “Ride and Drive” programs for automobile manufacturers; New Car Buyer programs for automobile dealerships; and corporate team building events.

Our Mission

To provide every client with a safe, fun, and rewarding driving experience that helps them achieve and surpass their driving goals; to give all drivers the skills needed to be safe on the road in any conditions; and to awaken every client to the enjoyment of driving.

Our Promise

At ProFormance Racing School we will help tear down the emotional and physical barriers that keep drivers from being their best behind the wheel. Because we challenge you to achieve a higher level of competence through top-flight instruction, you will come away from a session knowing more about your car’s capabilities – and your own – than you thought possible.

Our Code

ProFormance Racing School abides by a strict code of ethics. We conduct every aspect of our business with honesty and integrity, and we strive to maintain the highest level of competence and professionalism to everything we do. We believe in good citizenship, contributing to our community, and supporting efforts to create a better world for us all. 

ProFormance has worked with the following clients:

  • Acura
  • Amazon
  • Auburn Chevrolet
  • Audi Club
  • Barrier Motors
  • BFG Michelin
  • BMW Club
  • CISCO Systems
  • Eastside Chrysler
  • Ferrari of Seattle
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Hershey’s USA
  • Les Schwab Stores
  • MCL Porsche
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile One Cellular
  • MTV “Road Rules”
  • National Frozen Foods
  • Park Place Ltd.
  • Pontiac
  • Porsche Club
  • SeaTac Lighting & Controls
  • Shelby Club
  • Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts
  • Toyo Tires
  • Valve Corporation
  • Viper Club
  • Volvo
  • Weissach Performance
  • Northwest Mini

  • Park Place LTD

  • Armadillo Racing

  • Cantrell Motorsports

  • PGP Motorsports

  • Pacific Raceways

  • Bel-Red Auto Rebuild

  • Les Schwab Tires

  • Sparkling Ice

  • Michael's Automotive Group

  • BMW Northwest

  • Alfa Romeo of Seattle