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Pacific Raceways

ProFormance is based at one of the great motorsport tracks of the world — proof that there’s no race like home.

ProFormance Racing School offers clients a singular advantage: a home base at one of the country’s great racetracks. Since 1994 Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA has welcomed ProFormance students in every form, from novices to seasoned racers. And while many of those students eventually compete on tracks all over the world, they still cite Pacific Raceways as a favorite, for good reasons.

Standing out from the crowd

All racetracks are not created equal. Pacific Raceways is well known as a driver’s dream. Opened in 1960, Pacific is located amidst 250 wooded acres in full view of Mt. Rainier. Among the major bodies that race there are SCCA, SOVREN, and ICSCC. It also features a dragstrip and a dirt motocross track. Mario Andretti, Al Unser, Parnelli Jones, Phil Hill, Ken Miles, and Carroll Shelby are among the legendary drivers who have savored the course’s natural driving rhythm, which gives it the feel of a European country road.

The Pacific Raceways difference

Unlike a lot of other tracks, Pacific Raceways remains challenging and fun no matter how many times one makes the circuit. Drivers tell us that they can drive its 2.3 miles every week and not get bored. Nine well-studied turns offer a variety of demands on cars and drivers.

Even more bracing is the change in elevation – a feature that is missing from most modern, conservative, computer-designed tracks. Says PRO3 driver Corey Peters: “It’s one of my favorite tracks. It’s kind of an old school track with lots of trees, hills, some really technical corners, some scary corners, a bunch of passing opportunities — just a fun track!”

Rounding Turn 3 at Pacific Raceways

Pacific Motorsports Park – The next stage

Soon Pacific Raceways will become an even more vital nexus for the Northwest racing world. Pacific Motorsports Park, a new multi-phased development, is taking shape adjacent to the famous track. The project will include garage space in a wide variety of configurations so that racers, enthusiasts, and businesses can conveniently store their cars onsite. The Park will also house the Pacific Innovation Center, where automotive start-ups and other innovators can thrive while staying close to the action. Many well-known racing shops will also have satellite locations at the Park, offering professionals and amateurs top-flight brands of racing and safety equipment. The result will be a racing complex that serves the automotive and motorsport community better than ever before.

At ProFormance Racing School we’re proud to offer not just the best instruction but the best of everything — from the ground up. See you at Pacific Raceways!

Want to try a lap at Pacific Raceways? Drive along with ProFormance Chief Instructor Don Kitch, Jr. right here: