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One-Day High Performance Driving

Our basic one-day course introduces everyone to the fundamentals of performance driving.

Presenting the starting line for every ProFormance driver: some concise chalk talk combined with guided hands-on driving exercises, all designed to equip you to survive on the street and control a car in all circumstances.

The One-Day High Performance Driving Experience is where professional race drivers begin their journey to the checkered flag, and where everyday drivers learn how to stay safe on their daily commute. Any kind of mastery starts with fundamentals, and they’re all covered here. Where you go from there – to Indy or the Interstate – is up to you.

The course has two parts: the AM Skills Clinic and PM Lapping.

AM Skills Clinic

The course begins with a 60-minute classroom session to establish the fundamentals of high performance driving: vehicle dynamics, skid control, brake application, vision skills, and more. You’ll then take to the track for a series of hands-on-wheel exercises that test and improve your skills in a variety of driving situations.

The AM Skills Clinic will teach you to think faster than you drive, see more than the car in front of you, and utilize your car’s active and passive safety systems while driving with advanced skill and confidence.

PM Lapping

In the afternoon you will enjoy a total driving experience that uses and hones all the skills and techniques you acquired in the AM Skills Clinic.

A qualified instructor will accompany you as you develop a richer and more finely-tuned relationship with your car.

Further Training Available

After completing the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience you will be qualified for ProFormance’s PM Lapping programs. These courses, typically held Wednesday through Sunday, give you valuable additional track time to further polish your driving skills. An instructor will be assigned to guide you in advancing your skills.


  • $699.00 using your personal vehicle (recommended).
  • $1,249.00 using a Toyota GT86 school sedan.

Requirements for the High Performance Driving Experience

We recommend that you drive your own car to develop a closer relationship with it. However, school vehicles are available if you prefer. If you use your own car we require:

  • Brakes should be in excellent condition with a minimum of 50% brake pad remaining.
  • Tires should be in good condition, with adequate tread depth and no “plug repair” to punctures.
  • Seat belts must be present and functional for both driver and passenger seats.
  • Soft top cars must have roll-bar or pop-up roll-over hoop.

In addition

All participants must wear approved (Snell 2015 rated) helmets on any ProFormance road course. If you don’t have your own, we have helmets available free of charge.

Lightweight and close-fitting clothing are recommended, along with thin soft-soled shoes for maximum pedal “feel.” Some walking over loose terrain will be required.

In driving, there are no shortcuts to mastery. . . but there is a fast track.