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Teen Driver Street Survival

A life of safe driving for teens starts with our AM skills clinic

If you’re a teen, you will benefit from the ProFormance AM Skills Clinic, no matter how skilled or how responsible a driver you are.

When teens take the AM Skills Clinic or the entire One-Day High Performance Driving Clinic, our instructors place a special emphasis on areas that affect teen drivers such as situational awareness, concentration levels, and, of course, impaired driving.

Our program starts at 8:00 AM with a 60-minute classroom session. the concepts covered go far beyond Driver’s Ed. We’ll explain vehicle dynamics, skid control, brake application, and more.

Out of the classroom and into the driver’s seat

After the class, drivers participate in four on-track exercises that teach advanced car control and street survival skills. You’ll gain an awareness of how your car behaves in acute situations and how you can control it — essential knowledge and skills for keeping young drivers safe on the road. The class runs until 11:30 AM.

Deepen the experience

For even more fun — and more in-depth learning — we encourage you to add the afternoon session: a total driving experience on the road course. where teens can apply the skills they’ve developed that morning. To participate in the afternoon session in conjunction with the AM Skills Clinic, simply enroll in the entire One-Day High Performance Driving Experience.

Learning Teen Driver Street Survival at the AM Skills Clinic or the full One-Day High Performance Driving Experience is a blast, guaranteed. And when it’s over, a teen driver will come away with better driving skills, more confidence, and the ability to make the right decision when it matters most.

For parents: peace of mind

The AM Skills Clinic or the full One-Day High-Performance Driving Experience are the ultimate gift for teens — a thrilling experience and the key to a safer life on the road.


  • $199.00 using your personal vehicle.
  • For an additional $500.00 upgrade to the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience. Includes the AM session and the PM session on the road course with your personal instructor


Here’s what a parent had to say:

The clinic far exceeded our expectations. The classroom instruction was on-point and specific, and Walter’s one-on-one driving instructors were excellent; they encouraged him to safely push himself and his vehicle to perform with more speed and skill than we could have imagined when we arrived that morning.  

After watching Walter work through the skill drills and then drive his Jeep, fully in control, and in close proximity to other speeding vehicles, we have more peace of mind about his ability to handle himself and his vehicle in unexpectedly challenging driving situations. He also understands the importance of being consistently attentive in his day-to-day driving.  

As parents, there is no question that this is one of the best gifts we can give our teenage son. The price for the clinic is small, considering that the skills they learn can save lives. Of course, it’s also a breathtakingly exhilarating day for everyone who participates. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Todd and Stephanie, Bellingham, WA