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The Pacific Raceways Dynasty: A New Generation at the Starting Line

This year ProFormance Racing School handed 42 new drivers their competition licenses at Pacific Raceways. That’s 42 well-trained drivers who will be challenging the race courses of the country – and possibly the world – in the coming years. They’ll be honing their skills and doing ProFormance proud. One of these dedicated graduates, Devin Fiorito, brings not just talent and enthusiasm to the track, but also four generations’ worth of family history.

Devin’s father is Jason Fiorito, President of Pacific Raceways. ProFormance’s Don Kitch, Jr. gave Jason his competition license 20 years ago, and he’s is still racing today. The lineage goes back even further, to Jason’s father Dan, and his father Dan Fiorito Sr., who founded Pacific Raceways.

Catching the racing bug

The Fiorito family are not only track owners but they are true car and motorsports enthusiasts. In the late 90’s Don and Donna invited Jason to join them for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in Florida. This experience accelerated Jason’s desire to race. After completing the One Day High Performance Clinic and the 2 Day Race Licensing School, Jason’s racing career was launched. Two decades laer he’s still racing. More important, he’s committed to the sport and fully intends to keep Pacific Raceways a thriving concern.

Working into the job

Devin, who was one of 12 drivers accredited for competition last weekend, has been a mainstay at the track. Usually he’s behind the wheel of a golf cart rather than a race car, collecting trash, placing cones and working hard at maintenance duties of all types. Another offspring of a local racing clan, Don’s daughter Siena Kitch, is also out on the tarmac, dealing with flags, cones, drivers and instructors. There are no princes or princesses at this track: family members start at the bottom and learn it all.

At 17 years old, Devin is too young to compete in Conference, but he’s eligible for SCCA races.  We’re looking forward to seeing him excel on the track as he plays an important part in the Pacific Raceways family.

Pictured above: Devin, Jason, Barbara and Dan Fiorito

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