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Don Kitch, Jr. Talks Life Lessons with Speed Secrets Guru Ross Bentley

Two veteran drivers share memories and valuable discoveries over their years in racing.

Don can walk the walk, sure. But can he talk the talk?

If you’ve spent any time at ProFormance, you know that founder and Chief Instructor Don Kitch, Jr. has a lot of knowledge to share, and he shares generously during classes, coaching, or just hanging out. And when he hangs out with another racing expert, the talk can get pretty interesting. Recently he sat in on Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets podcast to chat about what he would do differently were he able to do it all over again. Given all the two have done, it makes for an interesting conversation.

Ross Bentley and Don Kitch, Jr.
Ross Bentley and Don Kitch, Jr.

Ross Bentley, author of Speed Secrets and 10 other books on speed and high-performance driving skills, is a renowned racing driver, speaker, and coach. Over the years he’s made a formidable career as the #1 speed guru, helping rivers of all types conquer their demons, find their strengths, and excel on the track.

Don Kitch, Jr. And Ross Bentley: the good old days and now

Ross and Don Jr. go back a long way.  Though neither man is prone to reminiscing, preferring the road ahead to the rear-view mirror, they do share some stories about their early days together, racing on a shoestring budget in the early 1990s. But the meat of the podcast concerns the realizations they’ve come to over the years, and how those have shaped the way they drive and live their lives.  Some of the subjects that come up during the very entertaining hour:

  • Is there such a thing as the perfect drive?
  • What mistakes to novice track-day drivers often make?
  • What’s the best level to race at?
  • The importance of good people and not micromanaging.
  • What changes did you have to make in your driving to up your game?
  • What’s the best car for the track-day driver?

You can access the podcast here. Sit back and enjoy an hour with two guys who have a lot to say about cars and racing.

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