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A Special All-Teen Driver Street Survival Skills Clinic : Saturday, January 13th

Register now for the teen-only day designed to change – and possibly save – young driver’s lives.

A consistent favorite at ProFormance Racing Schools is our Teen Driver Street Survival Skills Clinic, which helps young drivers acquire the skills and awareness they need to stay safe on faster and increasingly busy roads. Usually the Teen Clinic is given alongside our renowned One-Day High Performance Driving Experience. On Saturday, January 13th, it’s teens only, in a special event meant to focus on the driving skills teenagers need to learn, and the safety issues they need to understand. An AM or PM session will be offered.

Beyond Driver’s Ed

A typical Driver’s Ed course teaches you how to operate a motor vehicle. The Teen Clinic teaches you how to drive a car, with all that that entails: gaining a full understanding of the car’s active and passive safety systems, and building a skill set that enables you to drive through acute situations and avoid crashes.

For teens: it’s fun

One thing the name “Street Survival Skills Clinic” doesn’t convey is that anyone taking it will have the time of their lives. Because you get to test your car’s systems — and your own driving ability — to the max, you’re doing things you could never do on the street: acceleration, abrupt braking, and taking the car beyond your ability to control it, so you know precisely where that control point is. The exercises that do this are not just illuminating: they’re incredibly exciting and fun. Virtually everyone who takes the course considers it a high point in their life!

The half day will include some extras too: swag, snacks, and the chance to lap around the famed Pacific Raceways track — not at speed, but it will be great fun nonetheless.

No Pressure. No Judgement. Many Thrills.

Having the day be teen-only makes for more enjoyment. Some teens might feel restricted by the presence of adult drivers, but in their peer group they’ll not only have more fun but will be more likely to push themselves and each other without feeling inhibited. “We live in a judging society,“ says Donna Porada-Kitch, ProFormance’s Chief of Operations. “No one wants to make a mistake. But here at ProFormance no one gets judged.” The course is a safe place for teens to ask questions and be themselves.

For parents: it’s essential

Teens face unique challenges on the road. They haven’t garnered enough experience to know how to react to the many driving situations they’ll encounter. The Teen Street Survival Clinic lets students deal with those events in a safe, controlled environment. They can make mistakes in a large expanse of ground with no impact areas. The skills they acquire help them protect not only themselves, but others on the road as well.

Donna Porada-Kitch again: “It’s a great feeling, sending off 60 kids at the end of the day, knowing that if they get in a tricky situation, our training might have bought them that extra two or three seconds they need to come out safely.“

ProFormance + Sponsorship = Success

The public-spirited sponsorship by Elsner Law Firm allows ProFormance to hold this event at a reduced cost for a very fortunate group of teens. Thanks to their community involvement, young drivers from different places and backgrounds will be able to have a great time on this day and learn more than they ever have about their own driving skills.

Events like this are close to our hearts at ProFormance. Participants have fun and learn a lot. Instructors know they’ve helped make the roads a little safer. In short, everyone drives away happy.

Register Now — Save the Date!

If there is a teen in your family who you want to keep safe on the roads, register for the November 12th Teen-Only Street Survival Skills Clinic now. They’ll have an amazing time, and will thank you for a day of thrills. All the while, you’ll know you’ve given them much more than that.

Photo credit: Rick Dahms

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