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A SUPRA Experience at Pacific Raceways

A free day at ProFormance Racing School is the perfect add-on for a great sports car.

Here’s an extra reason to buy a new Toyota GR Supra (not that you need one): a free One-Day High Performance Driving Experience at ProFormance. Toyota gives ecstatic new purchasers of their famous luxury sports car the chance to stretch out on the track and learn just what their new baby can do.

Recently we had three Supra drivers at Pacific Raceways, challenging themselves and learning the ins and outs of their new cars. Suffice it to say they now believe the hype – not just about the amazing Supra, but also about ProFormance’s celebrated one-day driving course.

One of our drivers, Matt, told us they are still smiling days after the session. “The more I think about it the better a time it was. I have never had a chance to truly max perform a car as I did on Thursday. It was a really awesome way to realize how much the Supra can do. I drove a BMW M3 for years, and though they are comparable in many ways, the Supra is far more nimble and responsive.”

A fantastic experience that I would recommend
for anyone who enjoys driving!

Matt, Supra driver and ProFormance alumnus

While the car was the star, our instructor came through as well. “The day was made so much better by the instruction I got from Curtis. In the first track session I was getting passed by just about everyone. But by the third session was holding my own and even doing some passing myself. Overall, a fantastic experience that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys driving!”

Another satisfied Supra customer, Derek, was just as enthusiastic. “Maybe the most fun two days I’ve ever had was on the track with ProFormance in my Supra. You bought a Supra to drive fast and have fun. For that you need a race track and coaching on how to do it, so go to ProFormance! Kudos to Ken, my instructor for both days–great job.”

Of course, you don’t need a 3-liter 335hp Toyota Supra to have a great time and learn valuable driving skills at ProFormance. We’ve seen participants having the time of their lives in Honda Fits and Buick LeSabres! But if you do spring for a Supra, be sure to take advantage of their free ProFormance One-Day High Performance Driving Experience. That way you’ll know you’re getting the most out of your fabulous new ride – and out of yourself as well.

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