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Race Rescue Passes the Torch – New Owner Will Keep Them at the Ready

One thing that gives drivers at Pacific Raceways peace of mind is knowing that Race Rescue Emergency Services are standing by, ready to assist should anything happen. For two decades Race Rescue has kept professional firefighters and EMTs on site.

Now Race Rescue’s owner, John Madden, is stepping down to enjoy a long-deserved retirement. The company is changing hands; the new owner, Joe Walker, will be tasked with ensuring that services maintain the same high standards as before. Both John and ProFormance are confident that Joe will do a great job.

Race Rescue was created 20 years ago in partnership with ProFormance. We had been using volunteer firefighters, but good as they were at rescue, there were problems getting adequate equipment and maintaining a full schedule. ProFormance needed an operation that was professional top to bottom. We reached out to the Maple Valley Fire Department looking for firefighters who might want to start a business.

Race Rescue Staff with Don and Donna Kitch.
l to r: Jeff DiDonato, Greg Gerardan, Don Kitch, Jr, PJ Knowles, John Madden, Donna Porada- Kitch and Enzo

The original track medical crew – John Madden, Jeff DiDonato, Greg Gerardan, and PJ Knowles (pictured here) jumped at the chance and Race Rescue was born. The resulting company offered professional emergency rescue services to Pacific Raceways and provided additional employment for more than 60 fire fighters. In fact, Race Rescue was so successful at Pacific Raceways that Dirt Fish Rally in Snoqualmie, Washington recruited them for their events.

Today Race Rescue employs more than 40 staff. With our safety record, they fortunately have little rescuing to do, so they can often be seen holding flags and picking up cones to keep occupied. But when they’re needed, they are there in a flash. That will never change – at ProFormance safety is always on our minds.

Best wishes on your retirement, John!

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