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Well-Dressed ProFormance Race Licensing Alumni Gather at IRDC Race Weekend

Graduates are honored with a special t-shirt for ProFormance-licensed racers only.

Like any distinguished school, ProFormance has over the years produced proud alumni who often return to their alma mater. Last weekend ProFormance Racing School decided to recognize these graduates with a unique gift.

The Pacific Raceways map is for the benefit of
others – these drivers know the turns by heart.

At the May 16 Conference race (International Race Drivers Club) ProFormance presented special t-shirts to racers who have participated and qualified in the Two-Day Accredited Competition Race Licensing course. The shirts have the ProFormance logo in front and a map of Pacific Raceways on the back, with each of its (in)famous turns marked. No one but genuine graduates of the two-day course received the shirt.

More shirts will be given to alumni at events for other sanctioning bodies that hold races at Pacific Raceways: the SCCA Majors on Memorial Day, and SOVREN Vintage Racing during the July 3-4 weekend. The shirts recognize that these drivers made it through the most thorough, exacting, and successful training program in the country.

Competition Race Licensing at ProFormance: Like Nowhere Else

The nation offers a number of places to learn racing, but ProFormance stands out in many ways.

  • Quality Time. The ProFormance Competition Licensing course is two intense, fully-packed 12-hour days with racing instructors on a par with any in the world.
  • History. As with other ProFormance courses, the Two-Day Competition Licensing course has been fine-tuned for years to improve every aspect of instruction. Because the staff all employ the ProFormance method, they can report how the students respond, and make adjustments to get even better results next time. Today’s students get the benefit of decades of diligent calibration.
  • Proper machines. Participants in the course drive the school’s race-prepared sedans. That way, the instructors can properly gauge the student’s abilities and progress without having to factor in a particular car.
  • Individual instruction. Small class sizes mean that every participant gets the instruction and attention required to advance.
  • Racing means racing. The course concludes with a 30-minute race. Not just a few circuits around the track – a genuine race at speed with passing. During the race the organizers throw a variety of situations at the students, such as debris on the track or yellow flags, to test their mettle. To add to the fun, a number of ProFormance-licensed intermediate and advanced racers join the race. As it happens, these drivers get a kick out of pushing, challenging and encouraging novice drivers whom they might be competing with one day. It’s a learning experience not to be found anywhere else.

Familiar Faces, Thrilling Races

Much more than just a racing school, ProFormance is renowned as a community of people of all types, from all walks of life, who love cars and driving. The May IRDC event reunited a lot of old friends. Here’s what one new driver said about the event:

I don’t have enough vocabulary to express how excited I was after the first race! I’m glad I chose the event as my first race weekend. It was such a warm, friendly atmosphere created by many familiar faces, my home track that I have been familiar with, and so many people wearing ProFormance Alumni shirts! It was also great introducing my family to you and Don! 

I am so thankful and have respect for what you, Don, Manfred, Wes and everyone at ProFormance School are doing. You guys have sent out hundreds of people to the world of racing and made them feel the excitement. Please keep doing the great work!

Ready for the Starting Line

Chief Instructor Don Kitch, Jr. addresses alumni

Drivers who successfully complete the two-day program qualify for a competition license from the SCCA, ICSCC, and SOVREN racing organizations. ProFormance is the only school in Washington State that the SCCA has accredited for novice competition licensing.

Of course, not everyone who completes the course goes on to race: many enthusiastic drivers take the course to polish their skills and become the driver they want to be. No matter what their intention, every participant get the same top-flight instruction that has formed the basis for many successful racing careers.

As ProFormance’s competition licensing stands out, so do its graduates, who are racing and lapping on tracks all over the world, practicing, honing, and passing on their formidable skills. At ProFormance we’re proud of the many accomplished drivers we’ve sent out into the racing world, and we intend to uphold the tradition. If you’d like to become part of that tradition – and perhaps one day wear the coveted black shirt – here’s where to start. See you in the paddock!

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