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McLaren Seattle Track Day

Sometimes customers want to be taken for a ride.

There’s only one way to show off a true performance car – on the track. Last summer McLaren Seattle hosted a track day to display their awe-inspiring machines. Here’s a video to give you a taste of that exciting event.

Potential customers, passionate McLaren fans, and other car enthusiasts got their chance to ride with ProFormance instructors, who showed them the power and potential of the new McLarens. Guests also test drove the cars, while instructors coached them on the finer points of piloting 700-plus horsepower of state-of-the-art racing machinery.

If you’re sorry you missed the last McLaren Seattle Track Day, don’t worry. There will be more in the future. Be sure to follow The Inside Line and the ProFormance Racing School Facebook page so you don’t miss it – or any other thrilling ProFormance events.

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