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Learn Drag Racing at ProFormance This Summer

The quarter mile offers many racing thrills. You can learn the ropes in one day at the ProFormance Drag Racing course.

Drag racing has never been more popular in the Northwest, and Pacific Raceways is the region’s biggest arena for this exciting motorsport. Here’s some good news: there’s plenty of room for more drivers and cars at the track. With that in mind, ProFormance Racing School is offering their Intro to Drag Racing again this summer. The one-evening program provides a comprehensive introduction to the sport.

A Lot More than “Foot Down and Go”

“On the surface, drag racing is easy,” says John Ramsey, Pacific Raceways General Manager. “Line up your car, and when the Christmas tree flashes green, you roar down the quarter mile. But it’s a lot more technical than that.”

Ramsey lists many pitfalls that beginners face when they’re not properly prepared for a race, things as basic as how to line your car up in the middle of the drag groove for the best traction, and how stage your car properly. It’s also helpful to know where the finish line is, “so you’re not 300 yards past it when you apply the brakes.”

As a drag racer you must know how to properly warm up your tires, and how to stage your car, and where to go to get your ET slip. There’s also the proper way to slow down at the end of a race and exit the drag strip. These don’t all sound challenging, but put them together and it can confuse a newbie.

Drag Racing De-Mystified

“The course takes the frustration out of our events,” says Ramsey. “We might have 200 cars at a race night, so we don’t have the time to work with each driver then.” At ProFormance drivers get the individual attention they need to be confident on the strip.

One of the only programs of its kind in the Northwest, the ProFormance Intro to Drag Racing acquaints every driver with all the safety issues that crop up on the dragstrip. They learn to stage and run their car properly, how to read a time slip, and how to dial in their car for handicap racing. It’s a full evening that makes the difference between a novice and a fully prepared drag racer.

Book Now and BYO Car

Another advantage of the ProFormance course is you can learn drag racing in your own car, whether it’s automatic or manual. “We’ve had everything from Mustangs to Nissans to McLarens,” says Ramsey.

The fun begins June 15, 2022, and there are also Intro to Drag Racing Courses on July 6 and August 17. Drivers can participate in one or all three. There will be a winner’s podium for the entire series, so you’ll come away from the course with some genuine competition under your belt.

Book soon. The Intro to Drag Racing also makes a unique and very thrilling holiday gift, so consider it if someone you know has been hankering to test their acceleration on the quarter mile. John Ramsey again: “It’s all about learning to do it properly, and having fun doing it.”

See you on the drag strip!

SALE: From now till December 25th, 2021 the Intro to Drag Racing gift cards are on sale, with price reduced to $249. Book now for the best holiday gift ever!

Book June 15th, 2022 Intro to Drag Racing

Book July 6th, 2022 Intro to Drag Racing

Book August 17th, 2022 Intro to Drag Racing

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