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Happy Thanksgiving from the ProFormance Team

Even in years like this (has there ever been a year like this?) all of us in the ProFormance team have a lot to be thankful for, and right now is the season to celebrate our good fortune.

First, we’d like to recognize and thank our branding team (Aliza, Charlie, Eric, and Kat) and also Gabe, for giving us this opportunity to take our business to the next level. For years we’ve been so busy working for our company that we never had people or time to work on our company.

At ProFormance  we’re fortunate that we’ve been able to assemble and train such a fine team of instructors, and we’re thankful that we can work with people that are not only professionals who are good at what they do, but who have become family to us. We’re also grateful  that our business has given us the opportunity to offer them a little additional support during these financially challenging times.

We feel fortunate to provide our clients a fun, learning, and safe experience when they’re with us.  It makes us feel good to provide a recreational outlet for them. Many of our clients have told us that ProFormance is “essential” to them. They’re essential to us as well!

Finally, a very special experience for us has been seeing our daughter Siena not only getting actively involved in the business, but also becoming a pretty proficient solo road course driver.

And we’re thankful for the opportunity to tell you all this. Please stay well, enjoy the holiday, and stay safe. At ProFormance we’re around when you’re ready to go!!!

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