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Hal Armstrong Lived His Racing Dream – And So Can You!

Hal Armstrong always to take one more lap around a racetrack, but that’s not so easily done when you’re a resident of a senior living community. Or is it? Emerald City Senior Living has a program called “Livin’ the Dream,” designed to make residents’ long-held dreams come true.  For Hal, that meant booking a track car at ProFormance Racing School and taking some laps at breathtaking speed. This short film summarizes the joy that Hal was able to experience.


Riding shotgun with one of ProFormance’s instructors, Hal felt the thrill of the track – a longtime wish of his.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be part of a senior living community to take this particular ride. Anyone can book the Track Taxi Thrill Ride at ProFormance. It’s also a popular gift for Father’s Day (coming up on June 21st), or as a birthday gift for any car- or speed-loving friend or loved one.

Hal says he’s going to dream about his day at ProFormance. If there’s anyone you’d like to give some sweet dreams to, you know what to do.  

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