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Explore Washington State: A Day at ProFormance Racing School

A renowned site about all things WA comes to the track to experience dogs, muffins, and the thrill of performance driving.

Explore Washington State writer Lexi Weeks in a ProFormance race car.
Photo: Sasha Kuv Fleskes

Visitors and locals who want to get the most out of our beautiful region often turn for inspiration to Explore Washington State. This site offers articles on favorite destinations: natural wonders, historical sites, and other attractions. One attraction that deserves recognition is ProFormance Racing School, so we brought driving novice Lexi Wicks in to experience our keystone course, the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience, to see if she would find it noteworthy for her readers.

Frankly, we weren’t surprised that our most popular course was popular with her. After the customary welcome muffin and an even more welcome nuzzle from Enzo, one of the school’s unofficial goodwill ambassadors, Lexi went through the paces and experienced the well-known revelations and unexpected thrills of the Experience.

How did it go? She went away “confident and exhilarated” at the end of the day, To find out why, read the article. It’s clear that if you really want to explore Washington State completely, a day at ProFormance should be on the agenda.

And if you find that you have some memories about your experiences at ProFormance, we’d love to hear them. Give us a shout.

See you at the track!

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