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Few dogs have a bigger personality than our present ProFormance canine, Enzo, whose name derives from Don Kitch Jr.’s history of racing Ferraris at the Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans. His passion for motorsports rivals many of our drivers, as he is accustomed to cuddling with his famous dad on the couch to watch many Indy Car and Formula 1 races.

However, out at the track, Enzo’s personality is best described as a combination of his two racing relatives, Auto and GT. He is more than happy to greet drivers, show them his favorite cars (Ferraris are his favorite), and demonstrate his impressive digging skills as he attempts to uproot a tree near turn six.

Like his predecessors, Enzo is very engaged with The Art of Racing in the Rain, even getting to meet some of the movie cast when they came and shot at Pacific Raceways in 2018. Though he is no Auto, the canine who Garth Stein based his novel on, Enzo still represents his racing relative with pride and shows that love can pass down from generation to generation.