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Off-Track Consultation

Not all progress in high performance sport driving happens behind the wheel – a one-on-one briefing session with a pro can lead to breakthroughs for a motivated student. At ProFormance our experienced instructors offer expert pre- and post-event consultations to help you get the most out of your driving sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze your decisions and reactions in detail and learn strategies to speed your development behind the wheel.

Our off-track consultations generally fall into these categories:

  • Post event consultation. Discuss your track performance with an instructor in detail, get answers to questions, and learn how to move forward with your training. Find out more about optimal car preparation. This type of session is appropriate after the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience.
  • Detailed post event assessment. The data doesn’t lie, but often it takes an experienced professional to comprehend it. Using track data, track video and a track map an instructor will analyze your performance and discuss it in detail. This is a more technical evaluation meant for use after a race, a race test, or an advanced lapping day.
  • Strategy formation. What do you want to accomplish in your driving? Shave seconds off your lap time? Better braking or cornering? Our instructors will cover goal setting and the techniques of mental preparation to speed your evolution as a driver.

Of course, we can also custom-tailor sessions to any skill level and any improvement plan.

ProFormance’s off-track consultations offer invaluable insights into your driving. Through close one-on-one discussions our instructors can help you take the next step toward reaching your driving goals, whether it’s a racing career or just more confident control of your car in any conditions.

What our client has to say:

I  asked ProFormance to set me up with a data coach to review data and video from my first open lapping day at Pacific Raceways. We identified several areas of opportunity, and I was given detailed guidance for each of them. On my second lapping day I was 1.6 seconds faster, and was running at a pace that would have put me at or near the front of the field in a ProFormance racing school.