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Driver Spotlight: David Sanders

A long-time advocate for children’s welfare takes time to stretch out on the track at ProFormance.

Twice a week David Sanders, Ph. D. sheds his jacket and tie, pockets his phone, dons a helmet, and steps on the gas. His Honda Civic roars off, guided by confident hands.

David Sanders is Executive Vice President of Systems Improvement for Casey Family Programs, the nation’s largest foundation dedicated to providing, improving, and ultimately reducing the need for foster care. Ensuring the safety of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens is a demanding job; lapping with ProFormance drivers at Pacific Raceways is David’s cherished R&R.

David has been lapping for about a year and a half. He did sport driving in the 1990s, and then resumed it at ProFormance after an enthusiast he met on the Bainbridge Island Ferry convinced him to get back behind the wheel.

A day in the life of a busy executive

“On the track I’m concentrating 100 percent,” he says. “I can’t think about work; I’m focused on driving, and that’s exhilarating.” David considers driving a vital outlet for relaxing from his job.

The social aspect of track life is a valued fringe benefit. “ProFormance is a great environment. We all love to talk about cars, and everyone is encouraging. It’s important for new people to feel welcomed, and the people at ProFormance do a good job at that. The way they run the school encourages people to interact.”

I can’t think about work; I’m focused
on driving, and that’s exhilarating.

David Sanders, Casey Family Programs

Up to now David has been driving for sport and relaxation, but he has qualified for competition, having taken the Two-Day Accredited Competition Race Licensing course. He reports that he’s “thinking seriously” about racing. While he owns a Porsche GT3, his preferred ride is the Civic, which handles well, is light, and doesn’t go through brakes and tires at too fast a clip.

Regarding his enthusiasm for ProFormance: the feeling is mutual. People like David Sanders are the reason that every day at ProFormance Racing School is new, exciting and very enjoyable experience.

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