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Podcast: Don Kitch is Proof of What Can Happen If You Never Give Up

A few unscripted moments with ProFormance Racing School’s Chief Instructor.

Don Kitch, Jr. is a serious racing and car guy. He’s not into self-promotion, and certainly doesn’t call himself a self-help guru. He’s more likely to talk about his charity causes than his own considerable accomplishments on the track. But plenty of people in the industry look up to Don, and admire the hard work and dedication that he and his wife Donna Porada-Kitch have shown in building the racing community in the region, all the while helping kids in need with The Heart of Racing.

Back in 2020 Don spoke with Nick Bergeron and Dan Putnam of Rain City Supercars. The topics included the experience of competing at the notoriously difficult course at Le Mans, The Art of Racing in the Rain, the mental aspects of racing, and the time Donna was sure they both were going to land in jail. Have a listen to a pretty fascinating conversation about racing, teaching driving, raising money, and how Don and Donna built the premier racing school in the Pacific Northwest.

Photo credits: karlnoakes.com

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