3 spots Available for our next 2-Day Competition Race Licensing-Thurs. Oct 12th-Fri. Oct 13th

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We’re not just a racing school – we’re a diverse community of driving enthusiasts who come together for the pleasure of good company, personal achievement, and the pure thrill of the track.

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Bertha Benz and Bobbie Kalben portraits side by side
competition race licensing cars
woman with helmet in mini on womens track day at ProFormance
Siena Kitch with car
Cars on open lapping day, Pacific Raceways
Yahn Bernier with 2 other drivers on podium for Ferrari Challenge 2021
drag racer on starting line, tires smoking
Ross Bentley at ProFormance Racing School
Lamborghini driven by John Hennessy
mirko freguia instructing driver trackside
track volunteer with vintage car
Michele Graaf with post-it-note on helmet: Drive the Car, not the track
vintage Porsche
Oleg Vorobiov next to his Scion FRS
PRO3 racing cars going around turn
Don, Donna and Siena Kitch
Shay Hoelscher with Porsche 911
shannon mcguinness with cars
Ann Doherty Driving her Ferrari at ProFormance Racing School
Sarah Brown with her twin boys at Pro3 race
Jessy Lucena
Don Gagne driving for Team Seattle
Drag racers at ProFormance
Lapping Days
father-and-son drivers with cars at ProFormance
Garmin Catalyst performance optimizer
ProFormance Person in Motorsports Award
David Sanders in Rear View Mirror