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Can You Really Become A Safer Driver?

An Expert Reviews the ProFormance Experience

Some years ago Jonathan Yeung, editor of the car culture website 143car.com, asked the question, “What can we do as drivers to improve ourselves from a safety perspective?” He got his answer when he checked out a class in High Performance Driving at ProFormance. This entertaining and informative video tells all. Spoiler alert: “I became a better, safer driver . . . and I had an absolute blast doing it.”

Jonathan experienced the revelations that make the course fascinating for all ProFormance students. He learned that 80 percent of accidents can be avoided if you have a 5-second period of time, and the skills to know what to do at that time.

The video gives you the chance to ride along with Jonathan and and a ProFormance instructor, and get a taste of what students experience in a day of high performance driving.

instructor helping student become a safer driver

It’s worth noting that Jonathan is just one of the thousands of students that we’ve helped to become a safer driver with our time-tested instruction methods. Many thanks to Jonathan and 143cars.com for their shout-out to ProFormance.

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