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Unlike his racing relative Auto, GT was much more interested in the cuddles than the cars. The red golden retriever was often seen curled up in the ProFormance classroom or sitting on client’s feet, politely indicating that it was designated “petting time.” For drivers nervous about their first day to ones who achieved their best drive, GT was there to cheer or comfort each of them. No wonder why he was referred to as the “people’s dog.”

Continuing Auto’s legacy, GT’s paw print was in high demand. When he wasn’t being loved on by his adoring fans, he could be seen pressing his paw into The Art of Racing in the Rain’s inside cover or making guest appearances at events. Other favorite activities included jumping in the ProFormance truck with the instructors to assist them in picking up cones at the end of the day. Of course, he loved it when the instructors drove the truck fast or revved up the engine.

Like Auto, GT is continuously remembered at ProFormance and around Pacific Raceways. A small memorial plate sits next to Auto’s on the ProFormance front steps where he liked to lay on sunny days. He is remembered by all for his loving and layback personality.