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Coming to ProFormance This Summer: Learn Drag Racing and Autocross

You asked, and ProFormance delivers! We’re adding professional instruction on two favorite motorsports this summer during our Twilight Sessions (4-9 pm). If you’ve ever wanted to learn drag racing or hone your driving skills at autocross, you’re about to get your wish.

ProFormance Drag Racing Course

The love of drag racing in the Northwest runs deep, and Pacific Raceways has hosted all the big name drivers, up to and including Big Daddy Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney (they made the movie Heart Like a Wheel in our backyard) and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme (also a movie subject). Many NHRA competitors consider Pacific Raceways their preferred track, which might be why they’ve set so many records here.   

The ProFormance Drag Racing program will take place on the NHRA quarter- mile track. It will use the full lighting and timing system and will be conducted by Pacific Raceways general manager and NHRA Champion John Ramsey.  As a participant you’ll learn about the Christmas tree, proper timing and launch, and you’ll get to compete on the dragstrip with with fellow ProFormance drivers. No experience required.

ProFormance Autocross Course

This summer will bring another opportunity to compete against time – and against your ProFormance friends.

A timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course of rubber cones, Autocross is a favorite motorsport for drivers who enjoy developing their skills. Points are deducted for hitting cones, missing gates, and the inability to stop properly in the box at course end.

Why Autocross is fun

It’s intense. Autocross requires concentration as you hone your skills and reduce your course time. It will challenge your consistency, smoothness of execution, and reaction time. It’s perfect for ProFormance clients because it promotes habits that make good drivers: high aim vision, staying ahead of the car, and car control.

You don’t need a fast car. Speed is not the point – it’s all about control. That means you can do it in your daily driver – a Lamborghini or a LeSabre.

It’s safe. Safety is always a priority at ProFormance, but rest assured that the autocross course is set up on the skid pad, which has zero impact areas. The worst that will happen (and it will!) is that you will squash a rubber cone or two. We’ve got plenty of those.

Watch this space

Dates and fees for these courses are posted. Friday, May 7, 14, June 23, July 14, 21, Aug 6, 11, 18. Schedule subject to change.

If you’re eager to learn drag racing or compete at autocross at ProFormance, register on our website. Subscribe to the Inside Line below to receive updates.

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