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Introducing a Digital Release Form to Make Registration Faster, Easier and Safer

Proformance now offers a faster, easier digital release form

About the only thing that isn’t thrilling at ProFormance is signing the release forms. But everyone who takes a ProFormance course is required to sign two of them: one for ProFormance, and one for Pacific Raceways. The good news is we’ve taken it online, with a combined digital release form that will make signing up faster and easier than ever.

ProFormance and Pacific Raceways release forms are now have been combined into one, which is are available electronically when you register. They’re easy to fill out:

  1. Go to our Waiver page.
  2. Fill in date of the event in box provided.
  3. Read the ProFormance Racing Release and sign your name in the box. Don’t worry, neatness doesn’t count.
  4. Type your name and date in the boxes provided, and click “Next.”
  5. Read the Pacific Raceways Release, and sign and date just as you did on the previous page.
  6. Hit “Submit” and you’re done! You’ll receive a copy by email.

The advantages of the online release form:

  • No need to wait around and sign before class – you’ll be getting behind the wheel that much sooner.
  • No personal contact. This is part of our continuing efforts to maintain good Covid-19 practices.
  • You get a copy for your records automatically.

Our regular drivers will be particularly pleased that they can now sign their release conveniently at home. Paperwork never ends, but at ProFormance we’re happy to make it as quick and easy – and safe – as we can.

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