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Rob Scholl

Never quit driving the car as long as it is moving.” – Rob Scholl

Driving Background:

As a child, Rob would modify a tractor lawnmower to goose its top speed from 4 to 8mph. In the military he was able to satisfy his passion for motorized wheels, driving myriad vehicles in challenging conditions and terrain. While an advanced Emergency Vehicle Operations instructor in the Kent Police Department he met Don Kitch, Jr., which led to race licensing, PRO3 racing, and a new career as a ProFormance instructor.

Tracks Driven:

Pacific Raceways, Portland International Raceway, Charlotte Motorspeedway Roval, and The Ridge Motorsports Park.

Instructor Experience:

10 years as an advanced Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, and lead instructor for the Kent PD EVOC program. He seems himself wearing the coveted Red Shirt of a ProFormance instructor for a long time to come.

Fast Facts:

  • Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Larson.
  • Favorite Track: The one I’m on.
  • Favorite Road Car: My 2020 Ford Shelby GT350R.
  • Favorite Track Car: My PRO3 BMW E30. 
  • Favorite Music: All over the board, depends on the mood. 
  • Favorite Food: Mexican.