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Andrew Michel

“Racing reveals the malleable spirit of a car, a solid composition of metal, glass, and wire that, on the track, transforms into something fluid—each turn a masterful sweep, crafting beauty at speed.” – Andrew Michel

Driving Background:

Andrew started moving fast riding motorcycles on dirt at age six. Once he got his license he admits he was, like a lot of guys, “a bit too reckless on the street.” Once kids came into the picture he gave up bikes and started tracking a Porsche 911. Eventually moved to racing in a spec class without the advantages of ABS or stability control, in order to improve himself through mastery of motorsports.

Tracks Driven:

Mission Raceway Park, The Ridge, Pacific Raceways, Spokane County Raceway (now Qlispé Raceway Park), Portland International Raceway, Evergreen Speedway, Nürburgring.

Instructor Experience:

Andrew started volunteering with Porsche Club of America, and for some reason was always the guy they made the “runner’. If you don’t know what that is, come on over and ask him. Once they him to get in the car with students he was much happier, warmer and drier. He’s also done race licensing with the International Race Drivers Club.

Fast Facts:

  • Racing Hero: Fernando Alonso (an age thing – still at racing’s pinnacle at 42).
  • Favorite Track: The Ridge (no offense to Pacific!).
  • Favorite Road Car: Porsche 911 (996).
  • Favorite Track Car: Any race car but the E30 PRO3 car is great.
  • Favorite Music: Country while doing manual labor, techno for the flow. Also Nirvana (I’m from the Grunge era).
  • Favorite Food: Tri tip steak sous vide with butter and reverse seared