About ProFormance Racing School

Founded in 1987, ProFormance Racing School has become a leader in the "Driving Industry."
At ProFormance; the staff are teachers; the subject is cars and our students are private individuals, groups and corporations.

Programs we offer include: Advanced Car Control, "Street Survival Skills", High Performance Driving, Sport Lapping (Half and Full Day), Track Taxi (Thrill Ride Around the Track), Competition Driving Curriculum (SCCA Accredited), Automobile Dealership New Car Buyer Programs, Automobile Manufacturer Programs "Ride and Drive", Corporate Team Building, Customer Appreciation Days, Teenage Safe Driver Programs, YouTube Videos, Commercials, and Private Coaching.

Previous corporate clients include companies like: Microsoft, Hershey's USA, National Frozen Foods, MTV "Road Rules", CISCO Systems, Volvo, BFG Michelin, Mobile One Cellular, General Motors, Ford, Pontiac, Acura, Park Place Ltd., Barrier Motors, Weissach Performance, MCL Porsche, Eastside Chrysler, Auburn Chevrolet, Toyo Tires, Les Schwab Stores, BMW Club, Audi Club, Porsche Club, Ferrari of Seattle, Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, Shelby Club, Viper Club and many more!

Our President and Chief Instructor:

Don Kitch Jr.
Seattle resident, race car driver Don Kitch, Jr. has been involved in motorsports for over 25 years and is well known in the automotive industry. A veteran of over 200 professional and amateur racing starts, Kitch has involved himself in every aspect of the "Driving Industry."In 1987, Kitch and his wife Donna, founded the ProFormance Racing School where he is the Chief Instructor. "I believe at some point in all race drivers' careers there comes time to get a "real job." The school gives me chance to continue playing cars while sharing developed skills with our clients."In 1997 Kitch founded Team Seattle. The campaign centers around the 24-Hours Of Daytona Sports Car Race as a fund raiser for Children's Hospital of Seattle. "Ever since my first experience at the Rolex 24 in 1990, I dreamed about fielding an all Seattle Team. In the past eighteen years, we've done just that, bringing back nearly $5.3 million for Seattle Children's Hospital."

In 2009, Kitch was teamed with Dempsey Racing, Patrick Dempsey of Gray's Anatomy fame, and teammate, Joe Foster in a Ferrari 430 GT2 racecar at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team placed an impressive 9th place in class and raised an additional $200,000.00 towards the Team Seattle Cardiac Intensive Care Unit located at Seattle Children's hospital in Seattle, WA.

1991 - Current
2009 24 Hours of LeMans Competitor
2006 Portland Enduro Class Winner
2003 SRP II Class Winner Daytona 24 Hour Race in Florida
Professional Sports Car-USRRC GT competitor
International Motorsports Association (IMSA) competitor
Barber SAAB Pro-Series competitor
Bridgestone Super Car Series competitor
Firestone Firehawk Endurance Series competitor
Exxon Supreme GTS-1 competitor
Exxon World Sports Car Series competitor

1982 - 1990
International Conference Sports Car Clubs competitor
D-Production Champion
GT-2 Champion
Formula Ford- ICSCC "Driver of the Year"
Formula Ford- Steve Phillips Cup winner

Birthplace: Hollywood, CA
Residence: Bellevue, WA
Married to Donna 1 daughter, Molly Dog
Enjoys: Travel, Physical Fitness, Adventure Travel, and Snow Skiing. Most often seen talking on the phone.
Places lived: Seattle, Bellevue, Northern and Southern California, Oregon.
How did you get started in racing? "Wheels. Ever since I can remember I've always built and raced something. When I was about 8 my Dad and I bought a baby buggy at the salvation army and I used the wheels on everything. My friends would come over and want to play football - I always wanted to play coaster carts. We'd build a cart with the wheels and race it and race it and crash it. Then build it again! The lawn mower engine saw a lot of uses too, from soap box derby to go-carts. I've always loved cars - it was only a matter of time until I would race."

Fast Facts:
Favorite road car: "One that is paid for! Or any car given to me to test."
Racing hero: "Ayrton Senna - he had a total commitment to racing, but a side of him that most people don't know is his commitment to the kids. He was generous with his money and fame and gave back to the children of Brazil."
Sports followed: "We tape all motorsports and I especially enjoy Indy and Formula One.
Favorite track: "Laguna...no, no...OK, Mid Ohio...no, no...any track I'm racing on is my favorite track at the time!
Favorite music: "Crosby, Stills and Nash" Really all types of music depending on mood.
Favorite foods: "Thai, Mexican, and Italian in Italy, especially gelato."

Our Instructors:

The Best of the Best
The ProFormance Racing School is made up of the best of the best. They care. As active racecar drivers, these well-trained professionals enjoy sharing the skills they have developed with our clients and are committed to the quality of our programs. If you are looking for advanced car control skills, street survival techniques, or actual competition driving, our staff can help you make it happen.Learn more about our instructors >

Administrative Staff:

Donna Porada-Kitch
"Hi there and welcome to ProFormance. Most of you I have met through email exchange as I am involved in most of the communications with our clients. I truly do enjoy the rare occasion for me to get out to the track and meet you in person. It is usually by this time I feel I already know each of you from the number of correspondences we may have had. I also really enjoy reading your email reports on your driving experiences. I truly love my job and feel fortunate to work side by side with my husband and best friend, Don.Our daughter Siena, is also getting involved. She has her specialties in the office including attaching car numbers, and wristbands to your receipts and the laminating your Sport Driver Licenses. It's a real family affair driven by our strong passion for motor racing. We truly enjoy our time with you out at the track."