Private Coaching

A good coach will determine where you need to go faster, where you can go faster, what technique to use to go faster, what that technique involves, and exactly how to perform that technique – physically and mentally. The mental aspect is probably the most important. A good coach will help you become more aware and develop strategies to improve your performance, on and off the track. A good coach will guide you in all aspects that will further your career. In other words, he will do whatever is necessary to help you in going faster, winning more often, and making the best career decisions.

Invest in the ultimate performance part, you. Enhance your race-craft skills, improve your driving skills and techniques. ProFormance Racing School offers eight hour programs (combined classroom and in-car instruction) conducted privately at Pacific Raceways on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

"Thanks for helping me take my racing career all the way from the one day performance driving school with you all the way to Daytona and professional racing." - Professional race car driver

"Regarding the past few days, I feel like I'm twice the driver I was just a week ago! And that's no BS. I was pretty bummed about the rain yesterday but, today, when I felt the car sliding I knew exactly what to do—it was second nature. I never lost control of my car once today even though I drove it harder than I ever have before while exploring new limits at the same time. While I'm sure I would have had more fun yesterday had the weather cooperated, I learned more as a result of the rain. This is good because I'm serious about driving and learning is more important than having fun—much more." - Member BMW & Porsche Club

Dates are based on clients and coach's schedule.
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Private Coaching

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