High Performance Sport Lapping Events

Our afternoon lapping program was created for two purposes:

  • Give our recent graduates opportunity to continue skill development with and without a driver coach and participate in supervised solo driving.
  • Provide opportunity to our seasoned drivers to participate in "sport/recreational" driving while continuing their skill development in advanced driving.

"ProFormance lapping is THE thing to do. The one-day class automatically qualifies you for the afternoon lapping." - Driving Enthusiast

Practice on your own under the watchful eye of the ProFormance Racing School Staff. Participate in recreational high performance driving. Continue to develop your skills while you enjoy your car. Open lapping is available to ProFormance graduates and drivers known by the staff, these days are typically held on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Lapping will be limited to 14 cars by prepaid appointment only.
View the event calendar and reserve your spot.

Lapping fee will be $245.00 per car.

We require a 45 minute coaching session (30 miuntes @ The Ridge) for all first time students back to the track after the one day program. Successful completion of your coaching time qualifies you for a Sport Driving License recognizing you as a qualified participant of solo lapping.

Private instructors are available for an additional $135.00 per session or arrangements can to have a full time coach if so desired. Sessions are 45 minutes at Pacific Raceways and 30 minutes at The Ridge, ORP, and Portland.

Afternoon Lapping Day Schedule:
11:45 AM Registration
12:10-12:30 PM Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
12:30-1:30 PM Lapping drivers on track with coaches available
1:30-2:20 PM Lunch
2:30-5:00 PM On Track lapping

Schedule is approximate and allows for 3.5 hours of lapping time. Lapping drivers will be continually evaluated to assess their ability to function within the guidelines of the lapping program. Recent graduates of our school and first time lappers are required to retain a private instructor for the afternoon.

Power Lunch:
Need a short of adrenaline and speed but need to be back at the office by 2 PM? Try out our Power Lunch Program! Join us for the first hour of Afternoon Lapping 12:30-1:30 PM on track for fast track lapping with our advanced drivers.
Discounted fee of $125.00

All Day Advanced Lapping Clinics
Pacific Raceways, Portland International Raceway, Oregon Raceway Park, Thunderhill Raceway, and Spokane Raceway Park

Drivers from the afternoon lapping program are eligible to participate in the advanced all-day lapping clinics. Skill development created by continued on-track experience in conjunction with brief classroom breakout sessions produce a learning and productive environment. Personal instructors available per request and additional charge of $135.00 per coaching session.

All day lapping fee $280-$295 (based on track location) includes lunch.
ProFormance Sport License (solo sign off) required to drive any of our visiting tracks.

"I got more seat time, the price was right, I would do this twice a month, rain or shine." - Microsoft Executive

High Performance Sport Lapping
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