Teen Street Survival Skills Program

Our teen programs are offered from 8-11:30 AM on any scheduled days of the One Day High Performance Driving Clinics. Your teen's day starts with a 75 minute classroom session followed by four on track exercises in advanced car control and street survival skills. An in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics, skid control, brake application, steering, and advanced vision skills are established. At this point there is a review and closure by one of our teen driver coaches and your driver is sent home with valuable lessons learned in proactive driving.

For the ultimate learning experience there is an option for our teen to participate in the afternoon portion which involves a total driving experience on the road course applying all the skills developed in the morning portion of their day. Registration for the full day program is required prior to day of class.

$199.00 using personal vehicle

A Parent's review:
"Walter, had a first-rate experience on Monday at your teenage safety driving clinic. Some people might wonder why parents would spend the money to send their 17-year-old son and his 19-year-old Jeep Grand Wagoneer to this clinic. Walter is a responsible driver but, like most teenage drivers, he is short on driving experience and long on confidence…a potentially dangerous combination.

Before your clinic, we worried about whether he would be able to respond safely in fast-moving, heavy traffic or in an emergency driving situation. We wanted more peace of mind and saw your clinic as a way to help Walter gain driving experience and skill in a controlled environment.

The clinic far exceeded our expectations. The classroom instruction was on-point and specific, and Walter's one-on-one driving instructors were excellent…they encouraged him to safely push himself and his vehicle to perform with more speed and skill than we could have imagined when we arrived that morning.

Your entire staff made our family feel very welcome and allowed us to watch, listen and learn along with the students. The day was packed with hands-on driving and intensive eye-opening classroom instruction that combined to produce an immediate and steady increase in our sons driving skills, allowing him to practice new skills and apply new knowledge in a supervised yet very challenging environment.

After watching Walter work through the skill drills and then drive his Jeep, fully in control and in close proximity to other speeding vehicles, we have more peace of mind about his ability to handle himself and his vehicle in unexpectedly challenging driving situations. He also better understands the importance of being consistently attentive and purposeful in his day-to-day driving.

As parents, there is no question that this is one of the best gifts we can give our teenage son. The price for the clinic is small, considering that the skills they learn can save lives. Of course, in addition to the practical long-term benefits, the clinic is a breathtakingly exhilarating day for everyone who participates. Thank you again for a wonderful experience." - Todd and Stephanie Bellingham, WA


Teen Street Survival Skills Clinic

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