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Pre-Lapping Checklist

Ready for some lapping? Please make sure you’ve checked the following:

  • Cars being jacked up in the paddock area must be supported by a jack stand
  • Tires: good condition, with even wear, adequate tread depth with no delaminating chunks, flat spots, cords or “plug repair” to punctures
  • Wheel bearings: good (no mechanical wobble in wheels)
  • Lug nuts: verify they are tight
  • Brake pedal: firm when pumped a couple of times
  • Brake lines: good condition (not cracked or ballooned
  • Brake pads: enough pad left for the upcoming day, at least 50%
  • Brake lights: working
  • Engine hoses and belts: in good condition
  • Throttle return springs: in good condition
  • Fluid levels adequate (coolant, oil, transmission, differential, etc.)
  • Fluid caps: on tight
  • No fluid leaks
  • Nothing loose on car body
  • Battery tie down: tight
  • Absolutely every loose item in the car taken out. Check floor, dash, under seats, and in the trunk. If it’s not bolted down, take it out
  • Trunk: empty
  • Spare tire, jack, and tools: fastened down
  • Wheel pop-out caps or inserts: take them off
  • Tire pressure: be sure to set the cold tire pressures before you drive the car. Generally, you’ll want to set them at least 1-3 PSI above
    your normal street pressures
  • Fuel tank: full
  • Seat belts must be present and functional for both driver and passenger seats
  • Soft top cars must have roll-bar or pop-up roll-over hoop