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Michele Graaff

Take up your space: Let the car use the whole track. Let yourself believe you have a place here.” – Michele Graaff

Driving Background:

Michele was a self-admitted “well-behaved driver” until she got her first MINI and learned how much fun driving can be. Taking ProFormance’s One-Day High Performance Driving Experience convinced her that she wanted to be on the track as often as possible. Lapping and autocross eventually led to ICSCC Conference racing.

Tracks Driven:

Pacific Raceways, Portland International Raceway, and The Ridge Motorsports Park.

Instructor Experience:

Michele comes from an educational background, enjoys the learning process, and knows the value of steady practice. The ProFormance team, along with a few driving mentors, opened her up to new ways of thinking. Michele wants new performance drivers to experience this life-changing growth and learning.

Fast Facts:

  • Racing Hero: Sabine Schmitz.
  • Favorite Track: Pacific Raceways.
  • Favorite Road Car: Anything that corners well and has heated seats.
  • Favorite Track Car: 2013 MINI Cooper GP2.
  • Favorite Music: Whatever I can sing to in the car.
  • Favorite Food: I could eat a cheeseburger every day for life.