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Duane Martinsen

“If you want to race cars or go fast, do it on the track – not on the street.” – Duane Martinsen

Driving Background:

A Washington native, Duane started his driving career in autocross. After many years conquering the traffic cones, he started racing personal watercraft, and eventually moved back to land and started racing.

Duane has been a member of the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs since 2008 and has acted as an instructor for ICSCC since 2010.

Tracks Driven:

Mission Raceway Park, Oregon Raceway Park, Pacific Raceways, Portland International Raceway, Spokane County Raceway, and The Ridge Motorsports Park.

Instructor Experience:

Duane has served three stints as an assistant steward and one stint as the chief steward for ICSCC. He has brought his racing experience to the ProFormance team since 2018.

Fast Facts:

  • Racing Hero: Tommy Kendall.
  • Favorite Track: Spokane County Raceway.
  • Favorite Road Car: Porsche 911 or 928.
  • Favorite Track Car: Mazda RX-7.
  • Favorite Music: Volbeat.
  • Favorite Food: Too many to list.